“Distorted realities have always been my cup of tea” – Virginia Woolf

In the work of Thomas Heaphy, tension and collapse abide: a morass of the alien and the organic, broken angular structures, feverish lines, anatomies of hell. His protean, hallucinatory images draw influence from Giorgio de Chirico, Hans Bellmer and Felix Vallotton, as well as contemporary graffiti writers, designers and tattooers. Based in Berlin, his illustrations have appeared in various publications such as Strike! Magazine, The Chop, Black Dog, H.P.A.S. and Calabash.


Past exhibitions:

2013 – Art Against Knives Secret 7’s – Mother London, London
2016 – Double Helix – Safehouse II, London
2016 – Untitled – Phoenix Cafe, Bristol
2017 – Exhibition and pop-up shop w/ The Emporium of Every Day Excellence – Zonoteka, Berlin
2017 – Jacketon Jacketoff w/ Berlin Wives Club – Keith, Berlin
2019 – Am Seidenen Faden Gehangen – minibarberlin, Berlin
2019 – Milking a Dead Horse w/ Abwasser Swimmer – Let It Bleed, Berlin


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